His Dog Chewed His Toe Off And It Saved His Life – Feel Good Friday
This week is full of gnar. First Jer shares the horrifyingly cute story of David and his bulldog puppy, Harley. Harley’s not so playful bite on David’s toe revealed a startling truth—David’s foot was entirely numb. So numb that he didn’t realize Harley literally chewed his toe off. Like, completely. Rushed to the hospital, doctors discovered two blocked arteries in his leg, a potential amputation risk. Silly Harley! Her taste for flesh led to the discovery that her owner could have died and she saved his life! If you thought that was gnarly, you should hear about the worm problem down in the US. What kind of worm? Rat Lungworm. Oh yeah… From rats lungs, to rats poop, to snails, back to rats, into their brains. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere in that F’ed up cycle they can end up inside of YOU! Moral of the story? Don’t eat salad, I guess? Finally for WHAT THE HELLTH!? One man went full Smurf. And if we learned one thing, it’s that you never go full Smurf.

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