ICU Delirium: An Absolute F’ing Nightmare
In this captivating episode of Routine Checkup, The dudes are in for an eye-opening conversation with Kali Dayton, DNP, AGACNP. Kali is a critical care nurse practitioner, the host of “Walking Home From The ICU” and “Walking You Through The ICU” podcasts, and a critical care outcomes consultant. Delving into the depths of ICU practices, Kali sheds light on the reality and risks of medically-induced comas, uncovering the haunting world of ICU Delirium Nightmares. She explores the prevailing culture of sedation and mechanical ventilation in the ICU and how current research guides us in treating intubated patients. But what do these findings mean for the public and the loved ones of those in the ICU? Kali shares invaluable insights and offers ways to support ICUs in providing the best care for their patients.

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