Nipple Night Lights & Bed Bugs: Feel Good Friday
This week Jeremie takes us through his unusual experience with phototherapy, which involved putting sunscreen on his nipples. Now he has ghost nips. But that’s just the beginning. In France, a bed bug infestation has caused chaos far beyond the bedroom. Turns out global warming is the surprising culprit behind this global issue, according to James Logan, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The gang unpack the (not-so) surprising findings of two remarkable studies: one challenging the overdose myth by examining drug decriminalization and another highlighting the impact of Universal Basic Income in reducing homelessness and boosting full-time employment. And to cap it all off with “WHAT THE HELLTH!?” An 80-year-old Russian woman was found to have a needle in her skull since infancy. Ouchie!

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