No Shame In Being A Short King – Feel Good Friday
Short Kings rise up. But first, researchers in Boston have created an AI tool called Sybil (not Sybian) that can predict whether a person will develop lung cancer in the next year with 86% to 94% accuracy. And the best part? It can detect early signs of lung cancer years before doctors would typically find it on a CT scan. Move over, Doc, Sybil’s got this! A game of Monopoly in Brussels has turned into something out of a samurai movie. Two men landed in the hospital after a disagreement over noise levels, of all things. It seems that a group of Monopoly players were disturbing their neighbors, who then approached them with a katana sword. As you do. Naturally, things got heated, and before you knew it, the Monopoly players were embroiled in a sword fight. And in a mind-blowing scientific discovery, donor lungs last far longer if they are held in 10 degrees Celsius rather than 4 degrees Celsius. How we haven’t figured this out sooner is beyond us. In another fascinating discovery: one study finds men (Dutch? Danish? Who knows.) will exaggerate when self-reporting masculinity-related traits, especially penis size. Tune in to hear two short kings and one tall guy chime in on the matter. Finally the history of “rough and tumble” fighting is BRUTAL and hella interesting.

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