Semen Allergy: When Love Juice Makes You Itchy, Scratchy, Or Can Even Kill You
Brian is out of town so Jer and Tay go off the rails this week. RIP Jerry Martin. The past Sickboy guest and Safe Supply advocate has tragically died of a suspected fentanyl overdose. It turns out COVID can have a detrimental effect on the quality of semen and semen production even when the infection was mild. Usually, fans throw things like bras and their cellphones at their favourite musicians… one lady threw a bag of her mom’s ashes at Pink! Did you know that your pests can get infested with pests? And if that didn’t make you itch, Jer explores the ​​little-known condition of seminal plasma hypersensitivity, commonly referred to as a semen allergy. Why do some individuals experience discomfort and swelling after contact with semen? It’s often mistaken for STI symptoms. As it stands there is limited research on this condition that affects thousands of women in the US.

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