Someone Knows Something About David Ridgen, And It's Us!
The cruel and senseless ramifications of a murder reverberate far beyond the depths of comprehension, leaving an indelible and haunting impact. For this episode of Routine Checkup, the guys sit down with David Ridgen, the acclaimed filmmaker and mastermind behind CBC’s pioneering true-crime podcast, “Someone Knows Something.” With eight gripping seasons and a global following, David has touched the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide. In this thought-provoking conversation, the gang delve into the intricate world of true crime journalism and its profound effects on the human psyche. David sheds light on the man behind the microphone and the passion that fuels his work. David’s unique ability to navigate heart-wrenching conversations with the families of victims is a testament to his empathy and skill. He shares the emotional toll his work has taken, opening up about PTSD-like symptoms and horrifying images of crime scenes that haunt him to this day. David also discusses the crucial role of self-care and honest communication in preserving his mental health while tackling these dark and challenging stories.

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