Sticky Business: Ejaculation and Prostate Cancer Risk Unveiled! – Feel Good Friday
Discover the surprising link between ejaculation and prostate cancer risk in this weeks episode. The fellas unveil the Harvard Ejaculation Study, revealing that sexually active men have a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer. It seems events early in life, like teenage indulgences, might predict future prostate cancer risk. Suddenly, “self-care” takes on a whole new meaning! In a revolutionary approach to combat devastating mitochondrial diseases, a UK baby born from three peoples DNA has been brought into this world. This pioneering technique involves introducing 0.1% of DNA from a donor woman alongside the genetic material of the parents. Your next set of lungs could be delivered by Drone! Finally Jer leads the fellas through some of the best and worst health myths. Spoiler alert, an apple a day is far less about keeping the doctor away and more to do with how smart you are.

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