Sweet & Sour: Life with Aggressive Type 1 Diabetes
Buckle up, folks, because this week the fellas are diving into a rollercoaster of topics with “Your Ladyship, Tricia”. Tricia shares her journey through Type 1 diabetes and the eye-opening tales of what happens when young folks don’t exactly take the best care of themselves. It’s a lesson in resilience and personal growth. Classic Sickboy content! The gang talk about the Ultimate Lifesaver: organ donation. Tricia reminds us all that those crucial conversations with our families about being donors can literally mean the difference between life and death. The gang also explore third-trimester blindness: Yes, you read that right! Tricia’s second pregnancy took an unusual twist as she literally went blind! Ever wondered what the heck HELLP Syndrome is? Thankfully Your Ladyship can help with that. Join us for an episode that’s brimming with Tricia’s signature charm. From life’s highs and lows to medical mysteries and miraculous moments, this one’s got it all.

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