Switching Off Your Swimmers: The Future of Male Contraception – Feel Good Friday
In a recent study, a drug was found to temporarily paralyze sperm, making them unable to fertilize eggs for about two hours. And the best part? This male contraceptive is an “on-demand” option. It’s like a remote control for your swimmers, allowing you to switch them on and off whenever you feel like it. Looks like oral sex is causing more than just a good time – experts are claiming it’s stoking an “epidemic” of throat cancer, which is now more common than cervical cancer in the US and the UK. Move over storks, there’s a new way to deliver babies in town, and it involves robots! According to recent reports, a group of engineers has successfully created a robot that can inject sperm into human eggs, leading to the birth of two baby girls. In a heartwarming story of hope and chance, a woman’s pet dog has saved her life by leading her to a perfect kidney donor on a beach trip. Finally, Ghosting friends is linked to depression over time, says study. Don’t ghost your friends, folks, or you’ll end up haunted by your own sadness.

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