The Dark History of Organ Transplantation
This week the boys deep dive into the very VERY dark and twisted history of organ transplantation. In particular, Jer tells the boys about the role that Vladimir Demikhov played in it all. Demikhov was a Soviet scientist and organ transplant pioneer referred to as “the father of heart and lung transplantation.” But he isn’t only famous for his work in discovering how we can transplant organs in humans. He’s arguably more famous for his bat-sh*t crazy off-the-wall work in trying to create a two-headed dog. For a little palate cleanser – did you know that the water you’re cleansing your palate with is just dino piss? Will AI replace the jobs of lifeguards? Finally, did you know that there are a number of animals that have “virgin births”? Crocs have recently been added to the list.

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