The Jury Is In Not Out: Marijuana Is Not Okay For Pregnant People
This week the fellas are doing it in one take. Apple’s latest innovation, Personal Voice, can transform you into a vocal robot in just 15 minutes! Say goodbye to weeks of tedious voice-banking and hello to sounding like a smooth-talking genius. It’s like having your own Siri on steroids, minus the robotic vibes. This is huge for the ALS community! How big can you gape? Your mouth, how big can you gape your mouth? Well some kid in the US has a big ol’ gapper. Bats could hold the key to longevity! Filler injections are making people blind and clearly Jer doesn’t like it. Mary-Jane is officially bad for pregnant women which the fellas thought the ol’ jury came way in on this long ago. So the jury was still out, but now it’s officially in? Sex in space could cause harm in the future and we’re just not ready for it.

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