The Not-So-Sugarcoated Truth: Diabetes Stigma with Laura Syron, President & CEO of Diabetes Canada
In this enlightening episode, Bri and Tay sit down with Laura Syron, the President & CEO of Diabetes Canada, a leading organization dedicated to improving the lives of those living with diabetes. As a passionate advocate and someone who personally lives with type 2 diabetes, Laura shares her mission to challenge misconceptions surrounding this condition and shed light on its often invisible impact. With an astonishing number of nearly 12 million people in Canada affected by diabetes or prediabetes, the reach of this epidemic is far-reaching. However, stigma persists, hindering open conversations and support for individuals living with this chronic illness. Laura discusses the detrimental effects of labeling type 2 diabetes as a “lifestyle-related disease” and emphasizes the importance of dispelling the associated shame, blame, and self-stigmatization.

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