This Is Snot A Joke: The Link Between Nose-Picking and Alzheimer's
Get ready to pick your nose and “lose your marbles”! (AI’s words, not ours). In this episode, the fellas explore the shocking link between nose-picking and Alzheimer’s disease. Apparently, those little booger beasts could be providing bacteria with a straight shot to your brain, increasing your risk of developing dementia. Emotional cue cards are helpful for those with autism but in reality the boys question why emotional education isn’t at the forefront of education for youth in general!? A new bionic arm will make wielding a knife way more deadly than any time before. Your phone and laptop screen are going to dry your eyes out so badly that they’ll be mishapen and you’ll need glasses for sure. But on the bright side, filling your eye holes with fetal urine may be the cure! Well, not according to the FDA of course.

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