Ultra Processed People: Unraveling the Secrets of Ultra Processed Foods with Dr. Chris Van Tulleken
This week the boys have an eye-opening conversation with Dr. Chris Van Tulleken, an infectious diseases doctor at UCLH and renowned BBC science presenter. They dive deep into the world of ultra-processed foods (UPF) and their effects on our health. Where the f*** does UPF come from? Dr. Van Tulleken unveils the surprising sources of these heavily processed foods that have become so prevalent in our modern diets. Dr. Chris shows us how UPF cleverly hacks our brains and how they manipulate our taste buds and cravings. Despite the profound effects of UPF on our health, there seems to be a lack of public awareness of these issues. Dr. Van Tulleken shares his insights on why this might be the case and discusses the importance of increasing public understanding of the risks associated with UPFs.

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