When Science Meets the Supernatural: Is Precognition Real? – Feel Good Friday
One kid wished for a shopping spree like a dope. BUT another kid, Conner, wished to beat the living crap out of Tripple H. Now that’s a wish. Speaking of wishing, there are a lot of people in the US who wish their healthcare system wasn’t so broken that they need to rely on crowdfunding to make themselves and their loved ones healthy. GoFundMe has over 250,000 medical campaigns initiated each year! January 6th is coming up, and if you live in the UK you might want to keep your eyes peeled. It could be your death day! Intrusive thoughts don’t make you a bad person! Maybe it’s just a little stress. Finally one psychologist in the US shook the psychology world with a study that revealed the possibility of precognition. Parapsychology is lit!

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