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SIDE DISHES, “The mini-series exploring the flavours of home” w. guest FLORE VALLERY-RADOT

Welcome to Side Dishes, The Food Podcast mini series exploring the Flavours of Home.

We begin the series with a letter from Flore Vallery-Radot, a French- Australian photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, workshop host, mother, wife, beekeeper and passionate cook. I asked Flo to tell me about the flavour of her home on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Flavour is a favourite word of mine. Yes, it describes the unique taste of food or drink, but it also captures the character of something… the mood of an event, the tone a conversation, the feel of a home. Flo’s answer, with her beguiling voice, takes us on a magical exploration into travels, relationships, flavour memories, culinary adventures, heartaches, love stories and cookbooks, so many cookbooks. So curl up, close your eyes, and have a listen…
I’m wondering, what’s the flavour of your home?

Lindsay Cameron Wilson IG: lindsaycameronwilson
Twitter: @lcameronwilson

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