Episode 2 “Simply the Processing”

Guests Andrea van Iterson (VBP+ Backgrounder and Feedlot from British Columbia), Erika Stewart (VBP+ cow-calf producers and coordinator in Saskatchewan), and Ron Stevenson (VBP+ cow-calf producer and manager of Metzger Vet Services and Alberta Beef Health Solutions)  join co-hosts Bree Patterson (VBP+ Coordinator from British Columbia) and Amy Higgins (VBP+ Coordinator from New Brunswick) . Topic today is delving into the important topic of processing at the ranch, farm or feedlot and how VBP+ Fundamentals add to the value in that topic. VBP+ stands for Verified Beef Production Plus which provides training and certification services for beef producers across Canada.

VBP+ is an approved certification body for the Canadian Roundtable for Canadian Beef (CRSB). Beef operations that are certified by VBP+ are also recognized as meeting the CRSB Sustainable Beef Production Standard and are eligible to participate in certified sustainable sourcing programs.

PS- Give us a break on episode 1 with some varying volumes and sound quality. We’ll get it figured out and consistent for episode 2.

Producer & Hosts: Bree Patterson (bree@cattlemen.bc.ca) & Amy Higgins (nb@verifiedbeef.ca)

Andrea Van  Iterson,, Erika Stewart (sk@verifiedbeef.ca) Ron Stevenson (ron@metzgervet.com)

Technical Producer: Sydney Crilley (maritimebeefcomm@gmail.com)

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Thanks to our feature sponsor- the Canadian Agricultural Partnership in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

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