Source: The Box Jumper Podcast

Social Distancing Fitness Challenge Workout #10

Today’s Workout is a bit of a choose-your-own adventure style of workout to get the heart rate up and challenge your fitness. You can choose the number of rounds, as well as the version of each movement you perform, and of course the loading of the Russian twists!

Time to get the heart rate up!

Beginner: 5-10 rounds | Intermediate: 10-15 rounds | Advanced 15-20 rounds

  • 10 (seated) Russian twists
  • 20 High Knees
  • 5 Up, Up and Aways

This workout requires only a chair (optional) and a solid and somewhat heavy-ish object that you can hold in both hands and touch to your chair or the floor on each side of your body from a seated or piked position.

Workout details and demo at

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