Chapter 5: Missing

Chapter 5 – Violence can happen to any woman. However, some demographics are targeted more than others. This episode is dedicated to understanding just one of those demographics – indigenous women. After centuries of colonization and assimilation, indigenous women in Nova Scotia fight to overcome the systematic oppression and generational trauma that has been put upon them. The Mi’kmaw Healing Centres, managed by Bev Walker, specialize in helping these women and their communities in a culturally informed way.

This podcast was made possible by the Transition House Association of Nova Scotia. THANS exists to eliminate violence against women in Nova Scotia. Their organizations provide a full range of support services to women and their children in a safe, supportive environment and provide survivors of violence with opportunities to learn about available resources and alternatives to facilitate informed personal choices and decisions.”


THANS is not 100% government funded by the provincial or federal government. This needs to change. Go to to learn how you can help.


This podcast is narrated by Grace McNutt.


Produced by Podstarter.


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