Bill Stevenson | Interview at his grand piano | Jazz, Blues, Stories – Extra song

Bill is a well known jazz & blues pianist with a fabulous touch and a rich history…
“… While still in his teens, he joined the band Earth Opera, originally based in Boston. Stevenson left the band in 1968, after the release of their first album. During Stevenson’s time with Earth Opera, the band frequently opened for The Doors, being fellow recording artists on Elektra Records, as well as having Jac Holzman as producer.[1]

After leaving Earth Opera, Stevenson returned to Ottawa, where he continued to play locally for a number of years. One of his associations was as an early member of Heaven’s Radio,[2] considered to be one of the best bands to come out of Ottawa in the 1970s.[3] As of the mid-1970s, Stevenson relocated to Halifax, Nova Scotia, from which his career has been based since. During his career, Stevenson has worked with many notable artists, including John Lee HookerAmos Garrett[4] and Tom Rush.

Stevenson is the 2008 winner of the East Coast Music Award for Jazz Album of The Year.[4] With Tom Easley and Geoff Arsenault, he is also a 2009 East Coast Music Award nominee for Blues Album of The Year.[5]…

….” – Wikipedia

Extended from radio version with added song
Bill on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/billstevensonmusic


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