EP 68: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt with TV Personality, Nancy Regan

In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, I speak with former co-host of Live At 5, Nancy Regan about her authentic journey. She shares how her life on TV was different than what she was feeling inside. She shares her fears, insecurities and negative self-talk as a young TV personality. We talk about her life after television which is when her authentic journey deepened. We discuss some of the things that showed up on her path that helped her grow. She ends the podcast by turning the tables on the host, Dana Lloyd to inquire how she stays connected to her light. Nancy has been on a poetic journey. She shares some of her poems that she has written. You might see some yourself reflected in Nancy’s story as she struggled to accept herself.

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2:18 “Perfectionism is just a high end haute couture version of fear. Just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat pretending to be elegant when it’s actually terrified.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

This is how Nancy Regan felt as she hosted Live at 5 many years ago.

3:47 Nancy shares how she stumbled into the co-host role of Live at 5 a very young education.

8:35 Imposter Syndrome was related to her lack of education in journalism.

9:00 Felt this imposter syndrome even as a teenager.

9:48 Nancy Regan recommends a book that impacted her to shift her mindset. It is called Mindset by Carol Dweck.

12:18 She had a running dialogue of negative self-talk.

13:51 Being a celebrity is a blessing and a strange experience. All on eyes are you.

18:43 Was she worried about what people thought of her.

20:21 How television plays with your ego and how that plays into deep insecurities.

21:11  The hunger for praise grew as she got older.

22:22 Nancy shares her philosophy that did not serve her and what she lives by now.

25:30 Nancy talks about why she left Live At 5 and did she know that her leaving would send her on the path of embarking on her authentic self.

27:27 Didn’t realize she was an empath which led her to feel drained.

28:45 Realized she had a lot of guilt as a result of leaving the show.

31:06 The experience where she began to awaken.

33:10 She shares the experience with Dr. Wayne Dyer that had on her life.

37:57 What Nancy has come to learn to about her own life.

44:05 Nancy talks about the work she does with young people.

46:08 Nancy’s BIG realization is true about us all.

49:20 Nancy shares a beautiful image she had during a recent guided meditation.

54:56 We have all been called to service in some way.

55:36 Nancy says that poetry has become an outlet for her.

1:01:27  Tree Vision then talking about Audrey Parker

1:04:21  What Nancy loves about her life now.

1:05:51  What does the world need most?

1:10:06  Nancy shares some of her POETRY.

1:14:14  Nancy encourages to be acknowledge our creativity.

1:15:55  Nancy gives us a healing exercise that she learned from Elizabeth Gilbert, author.

1:17:27  Nancy turns the tables on Dana to ask her what she does to nurture her own light.

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