EP 99: Healing with the Power of Positivity with Betty Ford

About the Show:

“I didn’t panic. I knew I had a job to do…invite the Universe to help.”

Meet Betty Ford, a woman who provides incredible insight into one mother’s unbending love for her daughter after she suffered a horrific car crash. You will be inspired by her mindset, motivation, and the healing power of positivity. She held a vision of her healed daughter overcoming such suggestions from the top surgeon that taking her daughter off life support was a possibility…”You have to be realistic,” she was told

We talk:

✔️ how she held the vision of healing for her daughter

✔️ what she learned about having a resilient spirit

✔️ what did positivity look like

✔️ what she taught the doctors that they don’t teach in medical school.

✔️ taking nearly dying to want to live

Connect with Betty Ford or Book her to Speak:

Website: https://resilientspirit.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/regodamdiculous






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