EP: 100 Opting Out is Intentional Living with Cait Flanders

About the Show:

Do people see you as “flaky” because you’re always changing paths or your mind? OR perhaps you’d like to change your mind and don’t yet have the courage to opt out of the things that you’re currently in.

Opting out is actually intentional living. It takes you closer to your most authentic life.

Cait Flanders, Best Selling Author of A YEAR OF LESS has is back to talk about recently released book #2 called ADVENTURES IN OPTING OUT: A field guide to intentional living.

We chat about all aspects of opting out: fear, mindset, getting lost, trusting people.

We also talk about:

✔️ The difference between opting out and quitting.
✔️ How opting out relates to intentional living.
✔️ What kind of MINDSET do you need to opt out of something.
✔️ You are not flaky if you change your mind.
✔️ Overcoming fear you can live your most authentic life
✔️ It is hard to self-soothe without numbing.
✔️ How to identify your own voice versus the inner critic.
✔️ How to trust other people
✔️ How do you know you are on the right path

About Cait Flanders:

Cait Flanders is a Canadian Author of two books: A Year of Less and The Adventures in Opting Out.

Connect with Cait Flanders:
Website:  https://caitflanders.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitflanders/?hl=en

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