EP 103: One Woman’s Story of Making Peace with Weight Loss, Food & Self-Love with Roni Davis

Be kind to yourself. Food and weight loss is the basis of this conversation, however, my guest, Roni Davis, shows us that it is so much more than that. We are talking self-love, good self-talk and unhealed traumas.

Roni Davis, a former personal trainer and national athlete shares her very raw story of coming to love herself. For 3 decades she struggled with food including battling bulimia and depression. She is open and honest about her journey and how she finally healed herself. Now she is on a mission to help others by bundling everything she used to heal herself to create her own Cognitive Eating Academy.

Roni shares:
✔️ her turning point and a-has.
✔️ how our culture’s focus on equating worth with size is hurting us.
✔️ we have to get real about the damage being done by judging our bodies so harshly.
✔️ what is cognitive eating

About Roni Davis:
Cognitive Eating founder, Roni Davis is on a mission to cancel diet culture and change the way the world views weight, healthy eating and healthy living. She spent over a decade in the fitness industry – gaining education, research and professional experience as an award-winning personal trainer and nutrition and wellness coach, and a nationally qualified champion figure athlete.

She also spent almost 3 decades struggling with weight, food, negative body (and self) image, really mean self-talk  and even binge eating, bulimia, clinical depression and an anxiety disorder.

Roni’s own decades-long healing journey combined with over a decade of professional knowledge, education and experience lead to her mission and the creation of Cognitive Eating & the Cognitive Eating Academy.

Roni’s work with Cognitive Eating allows her to guide others through the process of uncovering and changing the thought and behavior patterns that cause weight and food struggles. She guides them to a much greater understanding of themselves and their own needs. Her clients develop deeper connections to themselves and more balanced & present ways of living so they can improve their overall health and well-being in ways that are grounded in connection & self-trust – self-compassion and love.

Freebie: https://www.cognitiveeatingacademy.com/microcourse

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