EP 104: Loving the New Version of Yourself with Desiree Ford

In 2018, Desiree Ford was involved in tragic car crash. Dying 7 times, she amazed doctors and survived after spending over 200 days in a coma with multiple injuries and surgeries. She shares her powerful story of coming to terms with her new reality. As a former professional dancer, she now faced the long road of nursing her physical injuries including brain trauma, but more importantly, she had to learn to love the new version of Desiree.

(You can also listen to Episode 99 where I interview Desiree’s mother on the healing power of positivity. She shares a mother’s perspective. So good!)

Desiree shares:

✔️how she went from hating herself to loving herself so much.

✔️her struggle with mental health before the accident and how that shifted post accident.

✔️the darkest times when she realized that couldn’t return to her old self.

✔️when she began accepting herself.

✔️the spiritual impact

✔️ what she has learned about resiliency

CONNECT with Desiree Ford:

Website: https://resilientspirit.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mws_inspirationalspeaker/

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