EP 106: Living Successfully with High Functioning Depression & Anxiety with Emmy Rousseau

Emmy Rousseau is a transformational coach and speaker who shares her story of navigating life with high functioning depression and anxiety. She shares what life with that diagnosis looks like and as well as what tools she has learned to manage her mental health to go from surviving to thriving.

Emmy shares:

✔️ what is high functioning depression and what does it look like

✔️shame and guilt of struggling with mental health

✔️tools that worked her for to navigate mental health.

✔️how a growth mindset was a game changer

About Maria-Elena “Emmy” Rousseau

Emmy is the founder of Trinity Transformations, a company devoted to helping the anxious overachiever release the shame and guilt they’ve been hanging onto surrounding their high-functioning depression and/or anxiety. Emmy struggled with high-functioning depression for years, and developed a robust toolbox that allowed her to stop feeling like she was treading water and, eventually, truly thrive. What began that journey for her was growth mindset, something she found as a teacher, to help her elementary students. In so doing, she found it was key to beginning her own healing. She now brings all the tools and strategies she has learned to adults in her speaking and coaching. Emmy is passionate about helping others realize that there need be no stigma in having mental health issues and that it doesn’t define them. She created Trinity Transformations to offer connection through joy, gratitude, and love.

Website: www.trinitytransformations.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/transformwithemmy

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/transformwithemmy/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/transformwithemmy

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