EP 107: Rise Up From the feeling of Not Good Enough with Cindy Stradling

Cindy Stradling is founder of Courage In Action, an organization that helps women coming from difficult circumstances move forward in their lives. Cindy is passionate about this because the circumstances of her early childhood led her to make choices in her life including living in an abusive relationship. She talks about what was happening at the time that enabled her the courage to leave her abusive situation and what she continued doing to create a new and amazing life for herself. She now helps other women do the same. Today is all about rising up from the feeling of not good enough.

Today we talk about Rising up from not feeling good enough. She has so many great lessons to share.

Cindy shares:

✔️ how her early childhood put her on a path of feeling not good enough.

✔️ she shares what her abusive relationship looked like and how she got out of it.

✔️ the turning point that shifted her life in a different direction.

✔️ education is key for helping people overcome their circumstances.

✔️ strategies for overcoming yourself.

About Cindy Stradling

Facilitator, entrepreneur and resilience coach. I truly believe each and everyone one of us has untapped potential!

I am passionate about working with a team of powerful women on the Courage in Action Board and Committees to support the women we serve to move forward confidently in their lives.

Honoured to provide the women we serve access to resources that can provide them with the inspiration, tools and build the skills to live THEIR best life.

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