EP 90: Dream BIG Be BOLD with Paula Morand

About the Show: 

— Paula Morand is an award winning entrepreneur and eternal optimist who has been helping people dream big and be bold for a long time. In this episode, we explore how to dream big, how to override what is holding you back and Paula provides concrete ideas on how to take action. There are many encouraging, positive messages to inspire you as well. If you have been feeling stuck, uninspired, scared to act or unsure about how to get going, this episode is for you.

About Paula: 

— Paula Morand is a 14x multi-award-winning entrepreneur and professional speaker who is passionate about helping speakers and experts be seen, be heard and grow their impact. She is the founder of Silver Street Studios, a boutique branding agency and production studio catering to speakers, coaches and professionals with state-of-the-art stage, sound, photography and video capabilities. Featured on Lifetime Television, Success Magazine, Profit Magazine and the Financial Post, Paula is recognized as a global change maker. She is a respected leadership expert and brand strategist who has contributed to initiatives focused on economic development, community building, women out of poverty and the entrepreneurial landscape.  She is one of Canada’s Top 10 Mentor Rock Stars. Paula’s motto is to help others dream big and be bold

Connect with Paula:

Website: https://www.paulamorand.com/

Email: paula@paulamorand.com

Instagram:  @paulamorand

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