EP 108: A Dying Experience that Accelerated Grief and Re-birth with Leanne Cochrane

Leanne Cochrane shares her story of death, grief and re-birth. Her husband Will, facing a terminal diagnosis, chose to enroll in MAID program which stands for – the Medical Assistance in Dying- to have control over his final days.

Leanne takes us through what she calls their 7 month long “incredible journey to death.” She shares details of the MAID program and the tough conversations they shared which helped accelerate her grief. She shares her experience with grief in the time of Covid and how it has transformed her.

Leanne shares:
✔️ what the early days of her husband’ diagnosis looked like.
✔️ her advocacy for the MAID program…as she says it is not suicide. It is about love and compassion.
✔️ how her husband helped counsel her through her grief and how having the heavy hearted conversations accelerated her grief.
✔️ how to not make death a taboo subject.
✔️ what she has learned about grief.

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