EP 78: Leadership Skills from Stage To Real Life with Suzanne Doyle Yerxa

Suzanne Doyle Yerxa is a life long educator of theatre arts. We talk about the importance of creativity and the impact theatre arts can have on our everyday lives. Suzanne teaches us that the skills learned on the stage translate into leadership skills in our lives and workplaces. Suzanne reminds that we are aways selling ourselves and the stage skills give us an edge.

We explore the various ways people can express their creativity. As Suzanne says, “We are all incredibly creative souls.”

Her long running theatre company, KV Players, has seen many performers go on to pursue a professional career in the arts, but she reveals that the biggest success stories are the ones where the skills learned on the stage translate into practical, real life skills like building confidence, developing superior presentation skills and finding courage.

Connect with Suzanne Doyle Yerxa:
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1:50 How Suzanne got into theatre and the arts.
4:45 When drama became a part of her life as a teacher.
5:15 Suzanne what she believes is that what one learns on stage are really life skills and she explains what that means.
6:10 Dana shares her son’s experience with theatre arts and what the exposure to creativity did for him.
7:15 Suzanne believes that the SUCCESS stories that have emerged from the theatre programs are the ones where people have translated their skills into real life.
8:46 Suzanne shares how a dynamic theatre arts program was built to create inclusivity and a cross section of the school population which she attributes to her predecessor Bob Doherty that she calls a gift.
12:20 We are all being asked to present ourselves all the time.
13:30  Suzanne shares a story of how she was able to draw in people to the theatre program.
15:35 There is a whole host of people who work behind the scenes to make a show together.
17:30 People who work behind the scenes and create props, costumes and lighting is another creative outlet.
18:10 “We are all incredibly creative souls.”
20:57 Why Suzanne continues to be involved in theatre productions.
24:33 How does seeing a show get us in touch with our lives.
29:09 Suzanne addresses the involvement of boys in theatre how Bob Doherty was so instrumental in getting boys involved in theatre.
31:41 How do we get in touch with our creativity?
32:50 How does someone get involved if they want to explore their creativity.
36:19 “Because of the intensity of the theatrical experience, people bond very quickly.”
37:15 When did KV Players come into existence?
38:08 Suzanne shares the impact of the pandemic on her production company and theatre life and how they pivoted to keep the continuation of the production company.
44:14 Suzanne explains the 20 for 20 fundraising campaign.
46:00 We will get a sneak peek into the 2021 season on their next August 20th virtual show.
49:53 If you feel compelled to donate to help this awesome production company, go to www.kvplayers.com
50:33 Businesses can donate as well. They have been tremendously supportive through the years. Suzanne ensures that sponsors are well promoted.
51:40 Suzanne describes the impact the arts has had on her life.
54:15 Suzanne answers Dana’s rapid fire SOUL questions.

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