EP 79: Deepening Our Spiritual Journey with Dr. Anne Berube, Spiritual Coach

About the Show
Dr, Anne Berube is a powerful teacher with an uncommon ability to share her story and insights in a way that awakens the inner wisdom in others. She helps people free themselves from the societal and parental conditioning that is holding them back from realizing the highest calling of their soul.

She began her career as an intellectual, but her life was interrupted by a car accident that set her on her own path of awakening.
We have an in-depth conversation around:
▪️ identifying our soul’s calling
▪️soul reliance and
▪️how to deepen our spiritual journey.

Anne had a unique relationship with Dr. Wayne Dyer – one of her heroes and mine. We chat about their relationship and I finally hear the story that Wayne Dyer referred to in one of his last talks – which I had the pleasure of attending – just two months before he died. It was a supernatural story where he did not share the details on stage, but Anne shares that story today.
About Anne Berube….
Her book Be Feel Think Do was published by Hay House in May 2017.

Anne leads transformational seminars and workshops around the world. Through these, she has helped thousands of individuals discover inner freedom and a connection to their own unique source of sustainable happiness. Signature workshops include Embodied Leadership, Come Home To Your Soul, Revelations: Lemurian Huna, The Celestial Sessions, and The Happy Sessions.

In 2007, driven to share her experience with others, Anne co-founded Soul Tribe Live: a social enterprise that aims to amplify the voices of inspiring emerging and accomplished thought-leaders, creatives, and healers, and support healing and transformation by gathering people to share inspiring content through live experiences.

Her work has also allowed her to share the stage with many of her heroes, including bestselling authors Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Julie Daniluk, James Van Praagh, Anita Moorjani, Gabrielle Bernstein, Neal Donald Walsh, Dr. William Davis MD, and Gregg Braden.

A lifelong seeker of wisdom, her hunger for learning has led her to earn a Bachelor of Education (Leadership Focus), a Master of Arts (Literature) from Queens University, and a Ph.D. in Comparative French and Francophone Literatures from the Université Bordeaux 3 in France. In addition to her formal education, Anne has studied Vedic wisdom with Dr. David Simon and Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Centre in Carlsbad, California; was initiated into Huna by Hawaiian Kahuna Laura Kealoha Yardley; received certification from Louise LeBrun as a certified WEL-Systems Institute facilitator; and completed a course in NeuroPsychoidiology Life Coaching under Dr. Amanda Wintink at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience.

She lives with her husband and two children in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


“We have a choice moment to moment to say yes to love or fear. The invitation to say yes to fear is growing. Awakening to this moment is looking at what else is there but my worries, concerns or my fears. What is guiding this incredible happening right now in the world? The answer is life itself. Life is guiding and pushing us through the human experience to show us its power and beauty and its love, but we have been so used to controlling and managing our lives. We don’t know how to let life happen through us. We don’t know how to invite and allow as opposed to manage and control.”

“To deepen your journey, ask yourself…”What is pulling you out of yourself right now?” Deal with the discomfort. It is a pathway to a more deepening experience of your soul.”
“All life is spiritual. If you see things as spiritual, you will see the beauty and the grace in life.”

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