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Today’s episode is all about the power of your third act. Carole MacInnis shares with us the power in growing older, the need to redefine what it means to age, finally finding your true path, and connecting deeply with ourselves.
She tells her story of moving into her third act something that didn’t happen until she found herself in illness. Now she helps others ignite their third act…as she says “to unleash the boundless self in women who don’t take “old” for answer.”
If you have been thinking about what’s next for you no matter your age, this episode will inspire you to ask “what else is possible for me?”
About Carole
My career spans decades as a psychologist, educator and business owner.  I have experienced personally many life transitions and supported others through counselling or business consulting on making changes.   Like many, my career is punctuated with achievements, trials, and tribulations.  All of which have deepened my understanding and love of supporting others.

I am a mother, grandmother and a woman who has been part of the feminist movement for many years. That matters considerably because the way I lived my life was political, whether I liked it or not.  My generation, like many before and after, challenged gender norms and attempted to redefine the place of women in society.

As I entered the third act of my life, I realized yet again I needed to challenge what others have accepted the norm at this stage of life.  I began to realize that the world’s new expectation of me was that I should just fade away: find a hobby to keep myself busy.  After years of gaining wisdom, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a mind as sharp as ever, this was not the life I wanted.  So “Igniting the Third” was born.   Now my work is helping others make the third act their best act.
Connect with Carole:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrCaroleMacInnis
website:  http://igniteyourthird.com/

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