EP 82: What Makes You Come Alive? with Margot Gaudet, Maven Hill Farms

About the Show
Margot Gaudet suffered a heart attack from undiagnosed Addison’s disease. Three months later she had congestive heart failure then she was diagnosed with MS, Lyme disease and also endured thyroid cancer all within 22 months and in her early to mid thirties. Imagine having suffered several major illnesses in a short amount of time. What would you do? Would you shut down or find a way to heal?

Margot Gaudet shares her powerful story of overcoming her illnesses, but what she discovered about herself was the key to healing. Here is a sneak peek …Margot says, “Closing myself off to the pain, closed me off from feeling everything. And in order for me to truly heal, I needed to feel it all.” This woman is resilient and she offers up her healing path and the insights she gained along the way in this week’s episode.

You will be inspired to ask yourself “What makes me come alive?”

About Margot Gaudet:
Margot founded Maven Hill Farm in 2018. She has added a guest house for workshop participants, as well as working on adding gardens and a small orchard on the property, to share her love of fresh homegrown food with others. She is extremely proud of the energy she has infused on her small farm.

Having studied in Hospitality & Tourism, biodynamic farming, permaculture design course and getting certified as an Autopoetic Facilitator has helped shape her vision for a healing and gathering space.

Margot has decided to dedicate herself to her self development, as well as her physical and emotional healing. Margot has the ability to savour life at its core, she loves deeply and dreams big. Margot contributed to the anthology of amazing women’s stories in The Great Canadian Woman. You can read her powerful story in more detail here.

Connect with Margot here:

IG  https://www.instagram.com/mavenhillfarm/
FB https://www.facebook.com/mavenhillfarm/
Website  https://www.mavenhillfarm.com/

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