EP 109: The Art of Slow Living with Angela Wooden

We are going to be slowing down in today’s episode. You are going to meet Angela Wooden, a homesteader, textile artisan and a student of nature. We explore the art of slow living.

This episode is less about homesteading and more about mindfulness, slowing down and connection. Perhaps it will do for you as it did for me…. Stir up great memories from childhood and reminders about living your most authentic life.

About Angela Wooden

Practicing the art of slow living and herbalism in southern NB. She is the face and textile artisan behind Angela’s Stitches of “A Stitched Homestead.” Through her work Angela hopes to connect her community to traditions, local fibers, foods and remedies.

Connect with Angela Wooden  

Website: angelastitches.ca

Shop: https://www.facebook.com/angelasstitches/shop

Instagram: @astitchedhomestead

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