EP 110: Life Lessons from An Artist with Sasha French

We are getting an artist’s perspective on life this week.

I speak with Fredericton artist Sasha French known as Bird Girl Arts. This concert pianist, dance choreographer and artist started down the nursing path and realized she was focusing in the wrong place. Her resilience and dedication paid off as she now gets to earn a living as an artist.

She shares her artist’s perspective on many relatable life topics such as: making mistakes, chasing dreams, handling rejections, and how curiosity helps you succeed.

Sasha also shares:

✔️ about not allowing herself to be an artist when she was practicing other disciplines.

✔️ how life doesn’t wait and neither should we.

✔️ why she tracks her rejections

✔️ why all art is valuable.

✔️ why it is important to expose children to art.

Connect with Sasha French: 

— Instagram: @BirdGirlArts

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