EP 112: The Art of Extreme Self-Care with Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson is my guest today. I am absolutely thrilled to speak to her about her New York Times Best Selling book The Art of Extreme Self-Care. We chat about being sensitive, disappointing people and how extreme self care relates to business and so much more. This episode re-focuses your attention on your what parts of your life you have been neglecting and how that is holding you back from all that you want.

Cheryl also shares:
✔️Why you would should embrace your sensitivity.
✔️Why you should get accustomed to disappointing people
✔️Anytime you take care of your self you are moving toward your authentic self.
✔️People have too much on their plates.
✔️Signs of when a self-care upgrade is in need.
…and so much more.

Connect with Cheryl Richardson:

Website:  https://www.cherylrichardson.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cherylrichardson/
Twitter and Instagram @coachoncall

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