EP 91: Creating Meaningful Change through Authentic Leadership with Nicole Paquet

About the Show:

Nicole Paquet has a passion for authentic leadership. Showing up authentically begins with owning your own purpose, superpower and vulnerabilities. When we are on a path of authentic leadership we are on our way to creating true and meaningful change whether it is in our lives or workplaces. Nicole helps define what it means to be authentic and how to become an authentic leader.

About Nicole Paquet:

Nicole is a Change Leadership and Culture Transformation Consultant with over 20 years of experience working in large global organizations both as a consultant and as an employee. Her focus has been providing advice and support to clients as they navigate strategic change programs and strategic planning efforts.    Through her professional and personal journey, and experiencing first hand the effects of leadership behaviour on culture, her interest and passion has shifted to connected and authentic leadership as the path to true and meaningful change.  Nicole believes that through authentic conversation, connection, transparency and accountability, leaders can create better workplaces, where people and ideas can thrive.

Connect with Nicole:

Blog: www.NicolePaquet.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicole-paquet-202b8a31/
Instagram: @NicolePaquetSJ
Twitter: @NicolePaquetSJ

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