EP 114: Becoming An Optimal Being with Kathleen Bulger

Kathleen Bulger became a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Coach, Creator and Author after surviving a life-changing accident, a stroke, and a heart attack. Those events transformed her life forever turning it in a new and positive direction. She now has a passion supporting women in defining and designing their ideal lives through the art of nutrition, connection and creativity. By sharing her life lessons, she empowers woman to embrace what speaks to them on the journey of becoming their optimal being.

On a path to help women pay attention to their lives, Kathleen Bulger shares the 3 components to becoming an Optimal Being:
Nutrition, Connection, Creativity.

Kathleen shares:
✔️ the details of her near death experience.
✔️ how she learned to slow down.
✔️ that you need to be heard and speak your voice.
✔️ shares how to embrace the 3 components of an Optimal Being.

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