EP 92: Discovering Your Divine Path Through Akashi Records with Sandra Akl

About the Show: 

Ever wonder why you can’t just be happy? Feel like you have blocks? Sandra Akl felt this way too which eventually led to her taking herself on a  journey of self-discovery. What was waiting for her on that path was spectacular, supernatural and life changing. She now uses her gifts to help others as a Soul Realignment Practitioner. Through Akashic readings, she helps people learn their purpose, release blocks and remember their gifts and talents. She helps you get back to your original divine blueprint.

About Sandra Akl: 

I am a Soul Realignment® Practitioner and a Reiki Healer. My journey with spirituality started after the birth of my son in 2011. I found myself in a deep depression, which prompted me to find alternative ways of healing myself. Meditation and Reiki became my go-to methods of treatment, which assisted me on my awakening process. As a result, I set out on a quest to seek the meaning of my life beyond my physical reality. Five years later, I found myself leaving my ten year marriage and embarking on a path of self-discovery. This involved having an akashic awakening, connecting to my intuition and embodying my powers of manifestation while creating the life I desired. I was guided to the akashic records course, given online by Andrrea Hess, in 2017, not knowing exactly what they meant or how they would impact my life. After doing a few readings, I experienced the joy it brought to my heart, and the positive impact it had on others in how it helped them manifest their desires. I knew this was part of my life’s purpose and that I needed to pursue it. Today, through my practice, I assist others by accessing and reading their akashic records. This helps each person learn about their soul essence and heal blocks by restructuring the soul back to its original Divine blueprint. People who understand that they are the creators of their own experience will benefit the most from the work I do. They will learn to make choices that are aligned with their soul, thereby being better able to manifest the life that they desire. When we are listening to the voice of our soul, we will never be mislead.

Connect with Sandra Akl: sandraakl@gmail.com

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