EP 125: How to Draw in the Magic with Kim Standeven

Today we learn to draw in the magic with Kim Standeven who is an International Speaker, Mentor, Messenger and Interpreter. She dedicates her life to creating spaces for people to slow down, be present and draw in the magical messages from our Core Four which she outlines for us in the conversation. We chat about her journey with spirituality, how we can access greater wisdom and to have fun while we build, connect & trust our intuition.

About Kim Standeven:

Kim Standeven walks a path with many peaks and valleys just like you. What has kept her grounded and resilient is her connection to a new spiritual paradigm she calls Your Core Four ® Spiritual Team.
Kim is an International Spiritual Mentor, Messenger, and Interpreter. She is the Founder of Draw in the Magic with Your Core Four ® and she has dedicated her life to creating spaces for us to slow down, be present, draw in magical messages from our Core Four® so that we remember we are never alone.
Connect with Kim Standeven:

Instagram: @drawinthemagic  https://www.instagram.com/drawinthemagic/
Website: www.drawinthemagic.com
Email: hello@drawinthemagic

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