EP 126: Becoming Unmessable with Karen Pohlman

Karen Pohlman shares her family’s story of losing everything in order to find everything. In her book called Be Unmessable she shares their story of how they found themselves homeless in 2008 and how they turned their lives around including a pivotal point where they received a surprise financial gift from The Ellen Degenerous Show. Underneath their family’s story of loss, however, was Karen’s own story of finding her authentic self. We talk about that journey and the lessons she has learned to Become Unmessable.

About Karen Pohlman

Karen Pohlman is the unmessable mindset mentor for female leaders everywhere and the author of her new book, Be Unmessable-Navigate Any Stressful Situation, Conversation, or Crisis. She is an avid entrepreneur, mom to three amazing humans, and lives with her talented husband along with their two beautiful dogs in sunny New Mexico.

Connect with Karen Pohlman

Website: www.karenpohlman.com
Facebook: @liveanotherway
Instagram: @beunmessable
Email: karen@liveanotherway.live
Buy the Book: https://www.amazon.ca/Be-Unmessable-Stressful-Situation-Conversation/dp/173629430X

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