EP 93: The Power of Going Inward with Dana Lloyd

About The Show:

Today I go solo on the podcast exploring the power of going inward…building the relationship with the inner you…your Highest Self. I explore what does it means to go inward, the purpose of it, the ways in which you can go inward to build that relationship and the benefits of doing so. I share my own personal stories and a provide a few book recommendations that I have enjoyed if you are looking for books to help you on your spiritual path. If you are a seeker, this episode is for you.

About Dana Lloyd:
I help people reconnect with their joy, meaning  & fulfillment through speaking, coaching, authorship and podcasting. I am author of Soul Prescription: 101 Ways to Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment. I am almost finished Soul Prescription for Women: Awakening the Woman Within.

Connect with Dana Lloyd:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DanaLloydLeadership/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoachDana_Lloyd

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Dana’s 1st book:
Soul Prescription: 101 Ways To Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment on Amazon and available on Kindle.

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