EP 62: One Woman’s Story Of Physical Recovery & Spiritual Healing with Maggie Beukeveld

In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, Maggie Beukeveld shares her transformative story of healing. In 2005, Maggie was living a normal life. She was a Certified Counsellor with her own practice. Her life was changed in an instant when her family was hit by a logging truck. She was left physically incapacitated. Her road to recovery through traditional channels proved helpful, but did not advance her physical health. She dealt with a multitude of health challenges stemming from the accident. Two years later, she was introduced to a woman from India who took her through an ancient meditation that was life changing. Within the hour of participating in this meditation, Maggie could sit up which she previously could not do and she even did a little dance. This mobility had never happened before. She knew that what she was doing was different. She continued with this meditation which was the healing modality that turned her health challenges around, She continues to get stronger every day. Now she has taken the training in this healing modality called Himalayan Vedic Rebirthing so she can help others.

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