EP 95: How Gratitude Will Change Your Life with Megan Stephens

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This week I speak with Megan Stephens of Be Grateful., a company she started to help people express gratitude to the special people in their lives by creating gratitude boxes. We dive deep on what is gratitude and how it impacts others. Megan shares how her gratitude practice has shifted and how it has impacted the way she shows up in life. As Megan says, “The magic is all around us if we just look for it.”

About Megan Stephens:

Have you ever met someone who looks after the lives of everyone around them but is barely present in their own? Well, that was me.I had a collection of moments where I felt like an imposter. I was constantly saying, “Yes,” to everyone but wasn’t genuinely capturing real memories. The realization of how precious these real memories are struck me when we lost my grandmother to dementia. In one fell swoop, a lifetime of amazing stories was washed away and replaced with feelings of grief, anger, and guilt.
This was the moment I felt my grandmother nudging me forward. It started as a gift for my mom to help her remember all the incredible moments we had shared. With a simple ask, friends and family came forward with memories of my grandmother and our family. I curated them all and placed them in a small box.
When my mother opened it on Christmas morning, the love that poured out of that very first Gratitude Box was incredible.
I saw pure gratitude radiate from her. It was the gift I had always wanted to give her but didn’t know how.
In that moment, I committed to stop running through life, only capturing moments to put up on social media. I recognized that meaning is made from the everyday moments in our lives, both “perfect” and “imperfect.” These fragments weave together to create the unique and wondrous story that is our life. From then on, I would be grateful for them all.
The beauty in discovering Be Grateful Inc was realizing it wasn’t just my pieces that made my story; it was the moments contributed by my loved ones around me as well.
I can’t wait for you to share in my experience of the immense power of gratitude.
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