EP 96: Finding Yourself Through Intentional Creativity with Natalie Moyes

About the Show:

Natalie Moyes shares her authentic story from 29 years in broadcast television including Director/ Producer of Atlantic Canada’s #1 morning show turned certified Intentional Creativity Coach.

As she began to explore art, Natalie began to heal. She now helps women release unhelpful internal stories through this incredible tool. Natalie shares her authentic path to art, what healing looked for her and how she helps others discover and explore who they were intended to be.

We talk:
✔️Losing & finding yourself
✔️Everyone is inherently creative
✔️Creativity can silence the Inner Critic
✔️Healing through creativity
✔️ You can create new realities through art

CONNECT with Natalie Moyes:
Website: https://www.nataliemoyes.com/
Natalie has a Intentional Creativity course running in early January.
Go her website to register.

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