EP 66: Get Real & Get Happy with Maureen McIntosh, Relationship Coach

Bottom Line of this episode: How to have happy relationships. In this episode of Soul Sister Conversations, I speak with Maureen Craig McIntosh, a Relationship Coach who enlightens us on what is Choice Theory and how this concept helps individuals become more empowered in the relationship with themselves and with others in their lives and workplaces. She teaches the five basic needs we all seek and how that impacts our personal world. We explore the seven DEADLY habits and the seven CARING habits that change the way we show up in this world.
We also explore:

the importance of good, high quality conversations.
her life as a Seniorpreneur
how Choice Theory relates to Covid 19 and what we are going through right now.

Maureen McIntosh has a deep wealth of knowledge in relation to helping others. She has been a Registered Nurse, licensed Counsellor, Executive and Personal Coach as well as being grounded in the Concepts of Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management based on the work of Dr. William Glasser.
Maureen is owner of Moncton Reality Therapy Consultants. She is a published author of Musings by Mo.
You can connect with Maureen at https://monctonrealitytherapy.com/about-maureen-craig-mcintosh

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