EP 202: Boosting Your Body Image

Guest: Amanda Hanson

Struggling with body image? Tired of systems and the outside world telling you how you should feel about your body?Style Coach, Amanda Hanson sheds light on her business and what she does to support her clients. Hee passion is for all people to accept and embrace who they are and to use that to express themselves. She reminds us that there are no rules when it comes to dressing your body. You get to make the rules. As Amanda says, you don’t have to dress to hide your body. You can dress to support your body and to treat your body with kindness like wearing clothes that fit you. Amanda asks us to challenge the systems that try to make us feel badly about ourselves. She wants you to be open to how you feel about yourself.

We also chat about:

✔️ 95% of her clients have struggled with body image.

✔️ ageism

✔️ questioning things more

✔️ how we can contribute to changing system and old ways of thinking.

CONNECT with Amanda Hanson:

WEBSITE: simplystylish.ca

FACEBOOK: @simplystylishinc

INSTAGRAM: s@imply stylish.ca

About Amanda Hanson:
Amanda Hanson (she/her) is a mom of two that always has a “healthy” stock of bacon and coffee in her kitchen. She might also have a slight addiction to red lipstick.
She uses her degree in Psychology, Masters in Education and certification in Feminist Coaching Theory to break down patriarchal norms in order to have awareness of barriers, such as misogyny, the patriarchy, ableism, diet culture & anti-fat bias, in order to embrace & express yourself confidently in your clothes.
Amanda uses her passion and experience to teach others how to radically love and accept who they are, all just by discovering and expressing their personal style.
Over the past 5 years as a Style Coach, Amanda has helped 100’s of folks to build an intentional and sustainable wardrobe that supports how they want to feel, that fits the current body they are in and that supports all aspects of their life.
She helps you to feel more confident in your own skin and in how you want to show up in the world.
You can find her many free tips and videos on Instagram at @simplystylish.ca and FB: @simplystylishinc

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