EP 211: Authenticy & Simplicity wins

Guest: Mary Janet MacDonald–
Mary Janet McDonald rose to popularity in 2020 when she started a Facebook live in her kitchen while she baked. It became a weekly show to keep people company in lockdown. She has grown in popularity and success and is now author of two cookbooks called Tunes and Wooden Spoons: Recipes from a Cape Breton kitchen and Tunes and Wooden Spoons: Love without Measure is such a wonderfully humble and authentic person. It’s no wonder she is a success. She connects easily with people. A terrific storyteller. She oozes warmth and authenticity.

Connect with Tunes and Wooden Spoons:

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TunesAndWoodenSpoons
INSTAGRAM: @tunesandwoodenspoons
YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/@TunesandWoodenSpoons

Bio of Mary Janet MacDonald:
I’m Mary Janet MacDonald.  Born and raised in Mabou, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  I was raised by my grandaunt after my mother passed away at 37 from cervical cancer – my father kept the 3 oldest children as they were in school and the two youngest – stayed in the same community of Mabou – but because we were pre-schoolers (I was 3 and my brother 2), our father couldn’t afford care in those days – so we ended up staying at those homes while still in school.  I believe this shaped me into who I am today.
In that home, I was exposed to so much music and laughter – steeped in the Gaelic traditions (like story telling, stepdancing, but sadly not the language although I do understand some of it).  One of my “sisters” in that family is Minnie MacMaster (Natalie MacMaster’s Mom).  We chat every day.  She was the one who taught me stepdancing and we danced our first concert together in Mabou when I was 4 years old.  I taught stepdancing for more than 30 years and travelled around the world teaching this Cape Breton tradition.
I am a mother to 7 children and a grandmother to 12.  My husband Cecil and I will be married 52 years this fall.  We live in Port Hood, Cape Breton since we married.  Because of the pandemic, I began the cooking show as a one-off but finding the need out there that people needed ‘company’ – at least once a week – I decided to keep on going and did this for the past 3 years.  Since January 2023 – I’ve reduced the shows to once a month (or maybe 2) just to keep it going.  It’s grown to quite a few followers.

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