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Storming Area 51 (with MJ Banias)

Something big is happening here on earth.

Something with the potential to change life as we know it.

Something so relevant that it’d be irresponsible to not cover it on Nighttime, regardless of where it occurs in relation to the Canadian border.

What I’m referring to isn’t going to be news for listeners of this show, as this is an event that has gripped all of humanity in a state of nervous excitement.

On September 20th, at 3am, nearly 2 million people will descend upon a Nevada desert on a mission remove the veil of secrecy that has kept humanity ignorant.

These men and women, no these heroes, plan to storm Area 51… at least according to what they said on Facebook.

The plot to Storm Area 51 was brought to my attention much in the same way weird news often does, in the middle of the night…during a bout of insomnia. I picked my phone up from my bedside table and began scrolling through my news feed.

The headline that grabbed my attention was something to the effect of “Online mob, over 1 million strong, vow to storm Area 51 in search of extraterrestrial life” obviously this was a story I had to learn more about.

Not because I think there is any good reason for an online mob to storm a top secret military base.

It was the simple absurdity of it all that drew me in.

Rather than indulge my curiosity in solitude, this was a story I had to talk out with someone whose insight I trusted.

To better understand the “Storm area 51” phenomenon, I turned to one of the biggest brains Canada has offered up to the world of UFOlogy… MJ Banias.


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