Andrew Moore is cool to hang with.

This week we’re joined via Zoom by the amazing Andrew Moore!
Moore is a proficient multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer extraordinaire!

Starting out playing the piano, he’s gone on to complete the Royal Conservatory of Music training and earn a degree in guitar performance from the Los Angeles College of Music. He also discovered a love for music production and recording and attended Musician’s Institute in 2013.

Today, he’s recording and mixing different projects for both personal and commercial use. He also performs live (pre-Covid, obviously) and released his first album of original songs, “Moth”.

If that doesn’t wow you enough, he’s also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with talented acts such as Sheila E (Beyonce, Prince), Phillip Bynoe (Steve Vai), Mansour (Century Records) Monika Boryzm (Sony Records), Li Yuchun and Dimash Kudaibergenov.

We chat with Andrew about his introduction to music playing the piano, and how eventually moved on to the guitar. We also talk about his experience going to school in L.A. and how those opportunities and connections led him to live and work in China!

Andrew talks about what it’s really like to build a career as a professional guitarist and share the best piece of carer advice he’s ever received (hint: see the show title). He tells us his favourite guitarists and what working and creating has been like during Covid-19.

Desert island discs; defending Angus Young; appreciation for love and rock ballads and so much more on this episode of Strange Grooves!

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