Brooke, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen of Thunderstruck!

We’re so excited to bring you our chat with Brooke, owner of  Thunderstruck, a custom rock ‘n’ roll clothing company out of the United States.

We’ve been long-time followers of Brooke and her incredible creations. So when she agreed to join us via Zoom, we were so excited!

When Brooke found a KISS Cassette in her father’s closet as a kid, she knew her life was never going to be the same. She started a mission to deep dive into all the rock ‘n’ roll artists she loved and learn everything she possibly could about them.  She shares with us how she started to intertwine her love of music with her love of fashion, which led to the founding of Thunderstruck.

We talk about running a small business and the incredible community Thunderstruck has created. She also talks about the close relationships she fosters with her customers, including some more famous clientele, like Luke from The Struts! She also gives us insight into her creative/design process.

We also dive into Brook’s favourite concert memories, her latest Pandora discoveries, and of course, her desert island discs!

That and so much more on this episode of Strange Grooves!

To check out some of Brooke’s creations, head over to the Strange Grooves blog!

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