The Bob Dylan Episode

Ahead of our pal Dan’s Bob Dylan Listening Party at the Five & Dime next week in Saint John, we thought it was a perfect time record an all-Dylan episode!

For those who are regular listeners, you know that former guest Dan Vienneau and Cherise are huge Bob Dylan fans. If you haven’t listened to our previous episode with Dan, we highly recommend you do here.

In this episode, we bring you a wide-ranging conversation of all things, Dylan! Even if you’re not a huge fan, or are not familiar with his music, it’s a chat we’re sure you’ll find interesting!

We dive into his influence, his live shows, and his ..uh..*interesting* collaborations. We also dive into his musical evolutions, how he conducts his business (so mysterious!) and our thoughts on what his legacy will be and what he’ll do next. Cherise and Dan also bring their favourite Dylan records for show-and-tell.

A Phil Call-In, Strange Submissions, toques that don’t cover your ears, and so much more on this episode of Strange Grooves!

Don’t forget, you can check out all the music and videos we talk about on this episode over here on the blog

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